Commercial for Agricola Marchesina, an italian farm specialized in fine cattle breeding


Commercial promoting the Ascom privacy service

Laboratorio Immagine Ritrovata

A unique laboratory in Bologna which restores films from all over the world. (2016)


Commercial for the new water depurator Culligan. (2016)

Love Coach

Commercial for the book “Love Coach”, written by Radio 105 djs Carlotta Quadri and Laura Gautier. (2016)

5 x 1000

Tv commercial for Telefono Azzurro, an organization which promotes rights for children and adolescents. (2015)

Italy Family Hotels

Tv commercial for hotel chain "Italy Family Hotels". (2015)


Io mi proteggo - Berner
Institutional ironic commercial about security at the workplace
Special mention at Premio INAIL Marco Sartori (2015)