Her Ring (trailer)

Los Angeles 2015, script by Alessandro Amante and Livia Azzolini, directed by Alessandro Amante. A story between reality, dream and imagination: an american illustrator, married to an italian woman, has to fight against hallucinations in order to make the toughest decision of his life, after his pregnant wife falls into a coma. www.herringshortmovie.com

The Female Restroom

Long Beach, 2014, written and directed by Alessandro Amante.
A comedy which wants to answer the question that every man asks himself when two women go to the restroom together: what really happens in there?

Otto minuti

Bologna, 2011, written and directed by Alessandro Amante and Michele Testi
A university student wakes up eight minute before a very important meeting with his girlfriend’s very strict parents. He will have few moments to change his destiny. Winner Iceberg Prize 2011.